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Making STEM education fun through robotics

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

The world faces an unprecedented need for new innovators, thinkers, and problem solving leaders. Our goal is to create engaging, affordable, and powerful solutions that immerse students in STEM through the excitement of building and programming educational robotics kits.

Your children are learning all the theory from school, but learning to apply their knowledge has always been a handicap of many school in Morocco. With RoboTalent, your youngling is going to learn to love science from an early age!

One of the future proofed professions of the 21st century is undoubtedly going to be coding. We all know how easy it is to learn a language at an adolecent age, right now is the perfect opportunity!

With our fully customized VEX kits, your children will be able to tangibly comprehend various concepts using state of the art vision, velocity, and movement sensors and motors. Physics couldn't be more palpable!

The glue that is holding your robot together is math! By combining coding and engineering your youngster will grasp math in the real world much better than other kids who commonly view math as futile in daily life. 



2 Rue Al Annabia, Rabat, Morocco 10100

Tel: +212 697 572 573

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