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Kickstart your robotics program or classroom with the V5 Classroom Super Bundle. This bundle contains more than enough hardware, electronics, and motion parts to outfit an entire classroom with the ultimate educational robotics experience. Get started today!

Note: Swept Away Full Field Perimeter not included.


  • Contains (6) V5 Classroom Super Kits
  • Scalable programming software suite available with VEXcode
  • Standards aligned STEM Labs help develop how students approach critical thinking & problem solving



For 18-24 students.

V5 Classroom Super Bundle

SKU: 276-7080

This kit contains over 28,000 components, including 6 V5 Control Systems, 36 V5 Smart Motors, 30 Sensors, 312 steel structure pieces, 10,752 motion parts, plus all of the necessary hardware, tools and accessories!

Once you've mastered the basics, this kit provides everything needed to move on to more advanced engineering concepts using some of our most popular motion add-on kits.