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Frequently Asked VEX EDR Support Questions

  • My VEXnet 2.0 Keys will not connect.
    You will need to update the firmware for your Cortex / Joystick using the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility 4.X.X.
  • The access code I received for my cortex does not work.
    You will need to run the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility 4.X.X. If the problem consists, please contact customer support.
  • My PC is not recognizing my Cortex / Joystick.
    You will need to run the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility 4.X.X. If the problem persists, re-install the VEXnet Serial USB Driver.
  • The power on my Cortex is intermittent.
    You will need to replace the power connector on your Cortex. For assistance with this, please contact customer support.
  • A motor port on my Cortex burned out.
    First, check your wiring for shorts and damaged insulation. If the problem persists, your Cortex can be replaced if it is still under warranty. To file for a return please contact customer support. If your Cortex is out of warranty, we recommend making up for the lost port by using a Y-Cable (P/N: 276-1423).
  • My motor is moving without a command from the Joystick.
    First, ensure that you have a Motor Controller 29 attached to your motor. If the problem continues, recalibrate your Joystick per section 6 of the VEXnet User Guide.
  • My partner Joystick is not working.
    First, ensure that a “2 Joystick” program is downloaded into your Cortex. If the problem persists, make sure that the two Joysticks are properly connected, and using the partner-to-partner port.
  • I can't controll my motor.
    Re-downoad default code using easyC or ROBOTC. If you do not have one of these compilers, you may use the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility 4.X.X, but make sure that the default code option is turned “on”.
  • My motor is spinning in the oppsite direction that I want it to.
    Reverse the connection between your motor, and Motor Controller 29. (Red to black, black to red)
  • I'm having issues with my code.
    You will need to contact easyC (Intelitek) or ROBOTC, depending on the compiler you are using.
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