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Perfect for any STEM or Computer Science class, students can build and program with this engaging hands-on teaching tool. This robotics kit can be re-purposed to teach a variety of lessons ranging from mechanical advantage to computer programming and iterative design. Integrate this solution into your existing curriculum plans, or pair it seamlessly with our standards-aligned STEM Labs.


  • Contains (1) V5 System Bundle
  • Includes everything needed to build the V5 Clawbot
  • Scalable programming software suite available with VEXcode
  • STEM Labs help develop how students approach critical thinking & problem solving


For 2-4 students.

V5 Classroom Starter Kit

SKU: 276-7010

This kit contains over 200 components, including a V5 Control System, 4 V5 Smart Motors, 2 Sensors, 10 steel structure pieces, 25 motion parts, plus all of the necessary hardware, tools, and accessories! Build a VEX EDR Clawbot while learning about gear ratios and linkages, then re-purpose this kit to build anything you can imagine!

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