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Interlocking 2' x 2' Foam Tiles used to construct a VEX Robotics Competition field. These tiles are resistant to Electrostatic Discharge. 36 Tiles are required for a standard VRC Field. Field perimeter & hardware not included.

VRC Anti-Static Field Tiles


These tiles were specifically designed to prevent Electrostatic Buildup. In our testing, Anti-Static Tiles consistently showed little to no static buildup at all! These tiles are also reversible, essentially doubling their lifetime, and allowing for much quicker field assembly.

It should be noted that these Anti-Static tiles will NOT interlock with pre-existing Foam Tiles (278-1502), but otherwise are practically identical. They are functionally equivalent, and any minor differences that do exist (color, thickness, Coefficient of Friction, etc.) are extremely negligible, and should not impact robot-field interaction.

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